After Hours Access
  • Security Access Request Form - PDF
  • Commercial Café - Link

An employee or guest of one of our customers wishing to enter the building and go to his/her office after regular working hours must comply with the following requests:

  • Please use your access fob to enter and exit the building after hours.
    • The Security Access Request Form must be filled out for every individual requesting an access FOB to the building. Please forward the request directly to the Security Desk for processing.
  • If a person requests entry, but does not have an access FOB he/she must sign in at the Security Desk and:
    • Deliver documented authorization by a customer via written letter of authorization signed by the designated customer contact of the suite to Security; or
    • Request access through Commercial Café prior to the requested access time; or
    • Be escorted by a customer possessing an access FOB. A phone call will be placed to the customer to come down to the Security Desk to meet the guest.
Building Access

Building hours are 7:00am - 7:00pm Monday through Friday and 9:00am - 1:00pm on Saturday; however, you may access the building 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

There are five areas to enter the building: 

  1. North lobby - street-level entrance off of Congress Avenue at East 2nd Street
  2. South lobby - street-level entrance off of Brazos Avenue at Cesar Chavez
  3. Fareground - plaza-level entrances from the exterior courtyard at Congress Avenue at Cesar Chavez
  4. Parking Garage Tunnel - underground tunnel from the parking garage towards the Conference Center lobby on Plaza level
  5. Loading Dock & Security Console - street-level entrance off of Brazos Avenue adjacent to the Wells Fargo motorbank

The parking garage entrance is off of Brazos Street immediately North of Cesar Chavez; the exit is located at San Jacinto Boulevard immediately North of Cesar Chavez. Three elevators service the garage to the Plaza level of the building through an underground tunnel.

Building Signage & Directory

Please contact the management office for any signage inquiries, including building-standard exterior suite plaques.

Changes to the lobby directory located on the first floor adjacent to the Security desk can be initiated through Commercial Cafe.

  • Commercial Cafe - Link

Welcome Packet from PJS (our janitorial vendor) - Link

Please notify the management office immediately if there are any problems with the cleaning in your office area. 


HVAC is provided to customers Monday through Friday from 7:00am - 7:00pm and Saturday from 9:00am - 1:00pm. However, HVAC on Saturday must be scheduled in advance through Commerical Cafe.

After-hours HVAC requests can be submitted through Web Smart Air.

For adjustments to the temperature level in your office, please submit a request through Commercial Cafe. If you are planning an event or meeting with a large number of people in your space, you are welcome to notify us in advance so we can adjust temperature level accordingly.

  • Commerical Cafe - Link

Web Smart Air Instructions for After-Hours HVAC - PDF

  • Access:

Login at and enter your individual login and password.

The main menu includes two separate training videos (visual only, no sound) which are helpful in understanding the user experience.

Please note this system will allow your office to maintain its own “Tenant Administrators” (unrestricted access to initiate/manage requests, create recurring service, and maintain all logins) and “Users” (limited access to initiate/manage requests).

By default, each office has a login assigned for Engineering with “Tenant Administrator” access; Customers are prohibited from editing or deleting the Engineering login – these are to remain for internal building use ONLY.

  • Requesting After-hours Service:

Once you have logged in, creating a new automated request for after-hours HVAC service is known as “Creating a New Override” - hover or click on the “Edit” button in the upper-left corner of the screen to begin. Select the desired service using the drop-down buttons and prompts, and at the summary screen click “Submit Override Request” to initiate the scheduled HVAC service.

Please note “zones” are identified as your office space per floor; multi-floor Customers will have multiple zones, with one zone per floor.

After-hours HVAC is billed with a 2-hour minimum and in 1-hour increments thereafter at the rate outlined in the lease, per zone. ‘After-hours’ is any time except Monday-Friday 7am-7pm, and Saturday 9am-1pm.

  • Maintaining Requests:

Once you have submitted a new request, you can delete it by selecting “View & Delete Active/Pending Overrides,” highlight the appropriate request, click on the delete column, and confirm the request.

Please note you must refresh your browser for changes and deletions to display correctly.

Tenant Administrators (not Users) have the ability to automate and manage recurring overrides if desired on the same screen while a new request is initiated. Please note the default is to temporarily disable recurring override requests on building holidays unless the “Run on Holidays” box is ticked. Override requests on building holidays are billed according to the terms of your Lease Agreement.

As a reminder, your office will maintain its own logins and passwords (with the exception of the Engineering login – see above) for this service. We strongly encourage you to manage your offices’ logins and passwords accordingly.

Lost & Found

Security - 1st Floor Lobby


Mail Service

U.S. Mail

U.S. Mail is delivered to assigned post office boxes located in the mailroom on the 1st floor near the Loading Dock entrance. Prior to move-in each customer must request a mailbox number from the Post Office and request a mail key through Commercial Cafe. Mail is picked-up and delivered twice a day, Monday - Saturday; delivery and pick-up times are determined by the Post Office. Parcels are placed inside an assigned large, locked parcel locker with the key left in your mailbox.

  • Commercial Cafe - Link

Proper address to be used for all incoming mail:
[Optional] Attn: YOUR NAME
111 Congress Ave, Ste XXXX [100 - 3000]
Austin, Texas 78701

The management office does not handle complaints about postal delivery. To file a complaint, please contact the U.S. Post Office at 800.275.8777.

Overnight and Express Mail Delivery Service, FedEx and UPS deliveries will be delivered to your suite. Additionally, there are drop boxes and supplies for FedEx Express, UPS Ground and UPS Air in the mailroom on the first floor. If you have a package that will not fit inside one of the drop boxes, please call the carrier to schedule a pickup at your office.

FedEx Express & Ground drop box last pick-up is 6:30pm Monday - Friday.

UPS Ground & Air drop box last pick-up is 6:30pm Monday - Friday.

Maintenance Requests / Work Orders

One Eleven Congress Engineers are on duty from 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday. They are here to maintain the building and service your needs. Notify the management office at 512.744.4777 should you have any building maintenance requests or enter a request in Commercial Cafe.

  • Commercial Cafe - Link

The request will be dispatched directly to an Engineer to respond to the request. Maintenance requests that are above the building's standard services will be billed to the customer and will require input into Commercial Cafe.

One Eleven Congress Engineers Title
Stewart Smith Chief Engineer
Rudy Zapata Senior Engineer
Rogelio 'Roger' Juarez Grade I Engineer
John Linnet Grade I Engineer
Luis Cruz Grade III Engineer

If it is determined that your company will consume electrical or water services above the building standard, as outlined in your lease the portion considered above-standard will be metered. Invoices for above-standard services are generated on a monthly basis.

  • Commerical Cafe User Guide - PDF
Pest Control

The common areas of the building, including restrooms, are treated on an on-going basis. Individual suites can be treated. Please contact the management office at 512.744.4777 or submit a request through Commercial Cafe. Any pest problems should be reported immediately.

  • Commercial Cafe - Link
Recycling Information

One Eleven Congress has a recycling program with Balcones Recycling in compliance with the City of Austin and Austin Resource Recovery's commercial standards. All customers are asked to designate one container at their desk for recycling only. Recycling containers can be requested through Commercial Cafe.

  • Commercial Cafe - Link

Below is a sample list of items acceptable for recycling:

  • Paper - adding machine rolls, bright paper, carbonless forms, coated paper, color paper, computer printouts, NCR invoices, photocopies, posters, receipts, self-adhesive notes, shredded paper, time cards, typing paper, white paper
  • Correspondence - advertising, coated envelopes, color envelopes, direct mail pieces, manilla envelopes, stationery, white envelopes
  • Folders, Pads, Books - accounting ledgers, booklets, brochures & pamphlets, coated folders, color folders, legal pads, magazines, manilla envelopes, manuals with glued bindings, memo pads, message pads, newspapers, note pads, scratch pads, steno pads, soft-covered books, tabbed folders
  • Clean Cardboard - no wax
  • Plastic - empty plastic bottles and containers, PET strapping, shrink wrap
  • Aluminum - empty beverage cans
  • Tin cans - clean
  • Glass - clean

Don't worry about the removal of paper clips, spiral binding, staples or tape. 

The following items are not acceptable for recycling:

  • Food Waste - napkins, paper cups, paper towels, plates, food contaminated packaging, scraps
  • Moisture - grease, oil, water
  • Landscaping Debris - dirt, grass clippings, leaves, sand
  • Restroom Waste
  • Styrofoam
  • Construction Debris
  • Rent Remittance Information - PDF

Payments for rent, operating costs and requested above-standard services must be sent to the address listed below. If you have a question concerning remittance, please contact the management office at 512.744.4777.

Payments of rent and operating costs are due on the first day of each month without notice according to your lease agreement. Charges made to each customer for above-standard services by the Engineers will be invoiced and sent to the customers separately each month.

Please send all payments to the address listed below:

US First Class Mail
Cousins - One Congress Plaza LLC
PO Box 207479
Dallas, TX 75320-7479

FedEx or UPS
Lockbox No. 207479
Cousins - One Congress Plaza LLC
2975 Regent Blvd, Suite 100
Irving, TX 75063

Electronic Payments
Account Number: 444 775 9374
ACH Routing Number: 121 000 248
Wire Routing Number: 121 000 248
Swift Code (International Wires): WFBIUS6S
Bank Address: San Francisco, CA
Bank Name: Wells Fargo Bank, N.A
For Credit to: Cousins - One Congress Plaza LLC
Please reference your Tenant ID on the Wire Transfer. The Tenant ID can be found on an invoice or by contacting the management office.


Solicitations are prohibited. If someone is soliciting in your suite, please notify Security at 512.320.7002 and we will send appropriate personnel to escort them off the premises.